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The Georgia Aquarium wants 18 more beluga whales

The Georgia Aquarium wants 18 more beluga whales, but someone doesn’t want you to know about it.  At least not yet.  Or maybe it’s just one of those computer glitches that I don’t even pretend to understand.

A Google search earlier today regarding the Georgia Aquarium and beluga whales revealed the following links and more:

Georgia Aquarium want to import 18 beluga whales

Seek and ye shall find on Google.

See that one, pretty much right at the top of the bottom third of the page, the one entitled, “Georgia Aquarium plans to bring more belugas into the country.”  Well, when you clicked it, it took you here.

Georgia Aquarium want to import 18 beluga whales

Unless it’s a page that has been taken down since it went to the search engines

Page could not be found.  Well, crap.  That’s a mystery.  The link indicates that, mere days after the Georgia Aquarium saw the death of Maris’ five-day-old beluga whale calf, it is announcing the plan to get more belugas.  That is, to bring them into the country.

Well, not really announcing.  More like, announcing and then unannouncing.  Or accidental press releasing.  Or something.  I don’t pretend to understand.

Oops, is all I’ll say.  I didn’t realize that catching and bringing beluga whales into the United States was, well, allowed.

And I’m thinking somebody hit the “Publish” button instead of the “File Save” button before they could submit it for editing.

Did I say, “Ooooops.”

Dang.  Woulda loved to have read that story.

Oh, wait.  I can.  I did.  And so shall you, thanks to the computer sleuthing skills that I wished I had.  Can I just say, Deep Throat.  Or Smoking Man?

Here, via the awesomeness of a really smart individual and Google cache, or some such, is the rest of the story.  This time, I’m not ruining it for you.  Yet.

Georgia Aquarium Plans to Bring More Belugas Into the Country

But, geez.  Is that legal?  I’m not saying it.  But you’re thinking it.  I suspect that, strictly speaking, it may be.

But is it right?  The time is now to stop this silly make-up-a-story-to-get-more-highly intelligent-beings-into-captivity business.  Yes, business.

When you read the article, they might have almost convinced you that they’re doing this for the belugas.  But you’re smarter than that.

Georgia Aquarium wants to import 18 beluga whales

“Georgia Aquarium plans to bring more belugas into the country.” Into the country. Into the country.


I was just getting my trousers off about Karl Marx – Hitchens from 2007

This morning I noted – as I wasted my time reviewing the statistics on my blog as if I could do anything to impact them – that someone read a blog I had written some months ago about partisan politics and Christopher Hitchens.  So I clicked on the old post, to see what writing of mine someone was reading and to revisit and share that mental space with the reader.  In a True Confessions moment, I admit that I do this more often than I should.

hitchens n blue by annie liebowitz

Hitchens and Blue by Annie Liebowitz

It was with great disappointment that I found that a video at the end of my blog had been disabled due to multiple copyright claims.  Apparently there are several people out there who claim to own the copyright of certain Hitchens interviews.  Without getting into that, I just remark, isn’t that interesting?  Several different entities think they “own” the same work and may be at this moment fighting about it.  Enough said about that.  Good luck to the true owner, with my sincere wish that the claim inures to the benefit of Ms. Blue and his children.

But apparently, there are videos over which no one has yet made such claim, and I collected one series here for my convenience to watch this May 10, 2007 talk and book signing at Politics and Prose Bookstore.  My apologies to the less ADD-endowed reader, if I’ve done this earlier.

Wait. I was just getting my trousers off about Karl Marx.

 -Christopher Hitchens (at 1:50 in 6 of 6)

Christopher Hitchens, My First Ode

Miss you.  Love you.

Never met you.

Can NOT imagine

Life without you.

See you.  Hear you.

Growing to fear you

won’t be there

in video to see.

This morning, I feel like I’m losing him all over again, this man who put himself out there in all media, at all times, at all of his ages. And now copyright is limiting that access that he created.  And that’s all I’ll say about that.

Hitchens quote “Heaven intervenes,” from Gibney film

Chirstopher Hitchens and Blue by Annie Liebowitz

Hitch 'n Blue by Annie Liebowitz

I so wanted to go to Hitch’s memorial, and back in December knew that I would try to attend; but in my slackard way, didn’t notice as the date approached.

So thank you, Ms. Blue, for allowing this to be shared out to us, and to Vanity Fair for posting the marvelous readings and speeches from the service.  All who were there know better than I that anything we now say about him, anything of his that we read aloud, pales against hearing it directly from him.  But the mind is a wondrous place, where you can actually hear the person’s own voice as you silently read the printed word.  Marvelous, isn’t it?

I’ve transcribed a short piece from the memorial video of Hitch by Alex Gibney that I posted here this past weekend, and that Vanity Fair has posted.  There are so many Hitch gems in this video.  Here is a favorite (they all are, I confess), where Hitch, with his delicious wit, points out one of the improbable bases upon which the whole of the Judeo-Christian belief system is grounded.

At about 6 minutes in:

A hundred thousand years people have been, our species has been, around.  For the first ninety-seven, ninety-eight thousand of this, heaven watches with indifference. “Ooh, there they go again.”  They’ve all, that whole civilisation has just died out.  “Wha!  What are you gonna do?”  Three thousand years ago, at the most, it is decided that, “No, we’ve got to intervene now.”

You have to believe it.  You have to believe it.

“And the revelation must be personal.  Must appear . . .  So we’ll pick the most backward, the most barbaric, the most illiterate, the most superstitious, and the most savage people we can find, in the most stony area of the world.  We won’t appear to the Chinese, who can already read.”

And of course, there’s the part of the video at about 8 minutes in where he considers the practice of churches – clerics and lay-people alike – of going to visit the sick and dying in hospitals.  He asks whether it isn’t a bit unfair, these attempts at deathbed conversions, and points out that good taste prevents its happening in the reverse sense.   You know, where atheists show up at religious hospitals to call on persons who have but a few days of life and suggest to the ill one that he/she has been duped into serfdom.

Fuck.  Surviving Christopher Hitchens is a bitch.


Alex Gibney gives us Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens, by I can't remember; I know that's horrid,but I downloaded it right after he died, and I couldn't find it again.

So I can be sure to find this video in remembrance of Christopher Hitchens, here is the short memorial film by Alex Gibney.

Bury My Dick at Wounded Knee.

You’ll have to watch the video to get that one.

And if you watch the video from beginning to end, you will fall in love, as I have, with Christopher Hitchens.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


SB469 Could Make Lots of Speech Illegal In Georgia

U.S. Constitution

The U.S. Constitution, Senator Balfour may not have read what he is sworn to uphold and defend but is killing with SB469

The activity shown in the following video could very soon be criminal in the state of Georgia, thanks to Waffle House executive and State Senator, Don Balfour, and 33 other State Senators, who voted for this bill.  Because under the new bill, this activity on public property, property which our taxpayer dollars pay to maintain and which belongs to us, could be considered criminal trespass.

“Criminal trespass?” you wonder.  And you would be right to do so. Until now, the definition in Georgia of “criminal trespass,” under Georgia Criminal Code, Title 16, Section 16-7-21, has been:

(a) A person commits the offense of criminal trespass when he or she intentionally damages any property of another without consent of that other person and the damage thereto is $500.00 or less or knowingly and maliciously interferes with the possession or use of the property of another person without consent of that person.

What you will see in the video is not someone damaging anything, and certainly not on private property of a person.  But neither will you see any activity done with malicious intent.  You will see some very nice people using a bit of their public space to provide a fun, educational experience, where people who come to the Georgia Aquarium can actually learn a few facts about dolphins.

I’m just now having my coffee and will be working on a description of the bill as the caffeine kicks in. Please come back to learn more about why you should be afraid, very afraid.

And why you must – and how you can – stop this unconstitutional incursion into the rights of the people of these United States.

I’m just wondering who would want this to be made criminal.

The contact information to contact your State Representative can be found here.  Please contact them, tell them that you oppose this very broad and unconstitutional bill, and ask how you can help to defeat it.