If marriage is about domination, then propose at the Georgia Aquarium

D. Geller & Sons has a new “marriage proposal tip” and has picked what it touts as the perfect venue for a marriage proposal.  Geller’s new ad promotes the Georgia Aquarium, where both the “ring and the proposal” will be “breathtaking”.  Interesting choice of words, since life for the beluga whales, dolphins and other captives who live their lives in a tank, is anything but.

If one considers the foundations of marriage, the Georgia Aquarium should be the last place for a proposal of a lifetime of love and respect, since the aquarium has been spearheading the effort to reverse 20 years of U.S. aquarium policy and practice by attempting to take wild beluga whales and relegate them to a lifetime of captivity.  NOAA, which is empowered to administer the Marine Mammal Protection Act, denied the Georgia Aquarium’s import application in 2013 and the Georgia Aquarium promptly filed a lawsuit to have this decision overturned.  The Court decision has not yet been announced.

If marriage is about respect and love, and I think that we all believe that to be true, the Georgia Aquarium shouldn’t even make the long list, let alone the short one, of venues to start that life-long relationship.  If, however, marriage is about domination, deprivation of one’s birthright, exploitation, and keeping your spouse locked up in one room with no key, then . . .

I recommend that D. Geller & Sons rethink this ad, and pull it.

For more information: https://awionline.org/cases/protection-beluga-whales


13 responses to “If marriage is about domination, then propose at the Georgia Aquarium

  1. Captivity kills.. Please reconsider your ad.

  2. I think absolutely wrong promoting captivity…Captivity kills , captivity means prison and short life for beautiful sentient beings…..please reconsider your Ad because it is a really bad image of you.

  3. Captivity kills, please reconsider your ad, Thank you

  4. Bravo Martha!

  5. This advert is sending precisely the wrong message out- it is advocating captivity. It is proven that captivity is detrimental to the species we imprison. Please pull this advert.

  6. Captivity is wrong for these sentient beings . Please pull your ad as your association with the aquarium promotes captivity .

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