Obstruction is Justice by Madison Stewart

One of the most pointed and poignant statements that lies behind the motivation of every animal activist:

The day we begin to back down in the face of injustice and not expose the negligence of the very people appointed to protect the animals they have now been hired to kill is the day we lose more than our sharks; we lose our ability to distinguish right from wrong.

And in a world full of so much wrong, where the rules are made to justify the decay of our last wild things, that is not a trait our society can afford.

Kudos to Madison Stewart, Sea Shepherd Australia and Animal Amnesty.

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  1. The following review of SeaWorld San Diego was written by a TripAdivor user on May 7, 2014. The review is an indication of how much ignorance is out there regarding SeaWorld and the film, Blackfish:

    “My family has been going to Sea World San Diego every year since my kids were born. My son now 14 and daughter 13 years old have always gone several times a year with our family yearly passes.

    I thought I would one last time time get annual passes since the kids are now teenagers and probably not be wanting to go as often as in the past. Well, after our third visit so far this year…the love it as much as ever! New updated adventures including the Manta Ray Ride and the skin eating fish ponds the kids dip their hands in and feel fish eat all the dead skin cells…plus after all the Buzz from the ridiculous BLACK FISH Movie has actually attracted them to see for themselves how wrong the movie portrayed Sea World. My kids love how great they take care of their animals.

    I expect to buy annual passes for more years to come!
    Also, now that their older they love to invite friends and they can take off on their own in a safe environment to do rides over and over again without their parents trying to keep up them and we simply meet up at a designated time to watch a show together before their off again.

    FORGET ALL THE NEGATIVE PUBLICITY you may have heard! SEA WORLD does it right and cares more about our sea life than any self serving movie making mogul ever has!”

    End of review.

    Following is my response to the reviewer:

    Me: “Four people—all young adults—have been killed by captive orcas.

    Life at SeaWorld is dangerous for both the orca and for the trainers who take care of them.

    Not that it matters here, but I would strongly disagree with your review characterizing the Blackfish film as ridiculous and that everything is just fine at SeaWorld.

    Change is coming to SeaWorld. Your review emboldens myself and others to work even harder for that change.

    California, pass AB2140, the Orca Welfare and Safety Act.”

    The reviewer responded to me in this way:

    TripAdisor user: “Your why thousands of us keep supporting Sea World!

    SeaWorld Contributes millions of $$$’s to preservation and conservation of our natural resources! By the way…the four people that died at SeaWorld did so doing what they loved to do! How many millions of people died because of the materials you use daily that effect our planet!

    Not that it matters here, but I would strongly disagree with your response!

    Your response emboldens myself and thousands of others to work even harder for the support of Sea World.

    Change is coming to Sea World…More rides and family attractions!”

    • Willful ignorance is the worst. Some people just can’t change their world-view that humans have the right to enslave other species. It took us a while to recognize that we shouldn’t enslave other humans, and there are still humans on this planet who do even that, but it is at least illegal in most jurisdictions. I take heart knowing that ignorance’s days are numbered. These people who continue to support this morbid industry are on the decline. Focusing on them is more frustrating than fruitful (IMO) so I generally speak from here so that whoever is ready to hear the truth about captivity can.

      We never know when the truth will stick; thank you for speaking out to even this person who is clinging steadfastly to an outdated, unethical entrapment of living beings.

  2. I could be wrong. I’m beginning to think that the people who think of SeaWorld as a blessing to marine mammals and to the environment and who think Blackfish is a collection of lies are not well-educated, well-traveled, or well-rounded people.

    And by the way if someone wants to risk their life doing something that they “love to do”—-that’s their business. Please leave the animals out of it!

    • The saying that “it takes all kinds” can be merely a whitewash to excuse behaviors or values that I would consider something like a “least common denominator.” We must aspire to learn and grow and make decisions based upon that new learning and new growth, else we would still have slavery, child labor, and an embedded class or caste system.

  3. Watch how one SeaWorld fan follows lockstep with the industry in minimizing the involvement of captive performing orcas in the deaths of Keltie Byrne and Daniel Dukes:

    From the WDWMagic SeaWorld forum:

    “Tili has knowingly killed one person and been “involved” in the deaths of others. In other words he was in the pool we dont know whether he did anything. With Keltie, the other two whales were pregnant females and it was more likely they killed when she fell in out of maternal instinct, you just painted him a killer for being there….

    For Daniel, no one knows how he dies, he was found naked on the back of Tili. more likely that he drowned and Tili tried to keep him at the surface.”

    They’re like Trekkies at a Star Trek convention, aren’t they?

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