For Jiyu, Faith, Hope and all the captives of the aquarium industry

Humans have created an unnatural world in which they, or some of them, think they can tell others who they are. It just isn’t true that humans have that power or that right: others aren’t food, aren’t clothing, aren’t entertainment, aren’t research projects. They are who they are. They are their birthright, not some small fraction of it that we say we have the power to allow them.

This is why Jiyu is so important to me. Jiyu was an individual. Jiyu was a failure in the human machine. Jiyu didn’t do what we told her to do. And Jiyu died because of the arrogance of man, that he thought he could control her.

I think of her and honor her life every day, as do others who worked to try to save her and continue to work to save the rest. Those on the ground working to save Jiyu were Heather Hill, Rosie Kunneke, Martyn Stewart and others whose names I do not know.

Heather Hill, whose image of Jiyu inspires me every day, has made this beautiful reminder of that very principle: The All-One – many call that God – tells them who they are, not we newcomers to this vast and wondrous Universe. Thank you, Heather, for this perfect tribute to those who would not go gentle into that dark, not good, night of captivity.

For Jiyu. Forever.

8 responses to “For Jiyu, Faith, Hope and all the captives of the aquarium industry

  1. Awww, that is so sad and so unnecessary. The Governments across the world really need to do something about this.

  2. What a beautiful tribute. Can you tell us more about Jiyu’s story?

  3. That is so sad why can’t us humans leave these beautiful dolphins alone

  4. Bonnie Spielman

    Dolphins and whales belong to the world. No one should try to own them, eat them or capture them for the sake of making money from idiots that want to see them up close in a swimming pool. We are against the capturing of these sentient mammals of the oceans and forcing them to do “tricks” for their food. They should be allowed to continue to roam freely. Please continue to educate the public on this horrendous “custom” of the Japanese.

  5. These animals deserve freedom not captivity xxx

  6. Thank you for sharing this with me. I always feel like you do, always the pain and stab in my heart but I am a warrior and will never give up the cause. LOL GinaWeiss AKA geenaQ

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