Open letter to Gretchen Wilson: our choices make a difference

This HARLAN COUNTY gal (which I reckon qualifies as good as any as being a Redneck Woman) knows that some artists will play at venues that don’t reflect the ethic of respect for animals to fulfill their birthright.  Other artists, however, make choices that lift us all up higher than the exploitation and abuse of withholding that right.

When an artist or performer makes the CHOICE to play at SeaWorld, she is making a CHOICE that perpetuates and supports a company and a system that misleads the public, that misleads our children into thinking that captivity is an acceptable 2014 institution.  We “didn’t know no better” in 1964 when SeaWorld was founded.  We do know better now, although not everyone has been involved in the issue of captivity enough to come to their own, and very personal, realization.

Gretchen Wilson's choice.

Gretchen Wilson’s choice: taking her FANS down the garden path that leads to the witch’s cabin in the woods

When an artist makes the CHOICE to listen to the company that pioneered captivity and which the rest of the world parrots when they open new aquariums in their countries, this is a downfall in a moment of CHOICE, and it leads so many others who then act out their own bolstering of that outdated and unethical system by spending their dollars to keep alive something that should be retired.

Gretchen Wilson relies upon having fans to follow her CHOICE to play at SeaWorld

Gretchen Wilson relies upon having fans to follow her CHOICE to play at SeaWorld

Every CHOICE we make today builds the future.  And Ms. Wilson is building a future that is unethical, inhumane and unsustainable.

This isn’t about FANS or NOT-FANS, Ms. Wilson; this is about whether you are serving as a point of mirroring ethical values or merely profit-at-any-cost.  Either is your CHOICE. And because of your career, when you make a choice that results in the suffering and death of untold numbers of marine mammals, you take others with you down that unethical garden path to the witch’s cabin in the woods.  Choosing to ignore the fact that captivity is a morbid experience for innocent creatures who have been denied their birth-right is, after all, one of the choices you had before you.

Our choices makes a difference.  The future will hold us all to account for our choices, including those who, at the moment of choice, made the one you just did.

Ms. Wilson says that she did her research.  We obviously don’t know what that effort entailed.  But she told her fans that she had, and for some or even for many, that will be good enough for them to walk through the ticket turnstyle at SeaWorld.  This, aside from the travesty of captivity itself, is the real failure in the act of choice which was served up to her “fans”.

For one’s own research, a very good starting point is watching (not hearing about) the award-winning film, BlackfishIf you have not yet seen Blackfish, it will be aired again on CNN this Sunday, February 9, 2014, at 9pm and 11pm ET.  Over 1 million people watched it when CNN first aired it over about a two-week period in October and November 2013.

Because everything is about choice, do your own research, and do it well.  Imagining that a profit-center has your or our or even their best interests at heart is giving up your choice to them.

More information for one’s own research:

36 responses to “Open letter to Gretchen Wilson: our choices make a difference

  1. She did her research??. Yeah right. I’m surprised the bitch can even read! It’s pure greed, plain and simple. Hope she loses her voice!!

    • My attitude about it is that SO many of us didn’t know about the horrors of dolphin and whale captivity. Some of us learned at eight years old that “something” was wrong when we saw dolphins in a tank. Others go many times somehow not picking up on that. Others see Blackfish and remain unconvinced. For Ms. Wilson and others who haven’t had the lightbulb go off yet, I remain hopeful that with the next bit of information, something will click.

      I’m just very sorry that she is entrenching her fans in a world of ignorance by claiming that she’s done her research.

      I hope that she has that “click” and then uses her voice to explain that to her fans.

  2. It’s her choice to preform, it’s my choice not to support her as an artist

  3. Well guess what…I’ve never heard of the woman..and after this (probley the only gig she can get)karma s a bitch

  4. after read all of your fine words and “contra comments”, just have to add that, ida one (Whales or Dolphins) should be removed from they’re own sanctuary and be in captivity for any reason other than treatment in case they are found sick or hurt….I have spend time along side this animals and I see NO REASON why they should be exploited and abused (yes abused)….if if don’t know the kind of abuse I’m talking about, get off your home comfort pack and go with no time limit to return and observe before speak ……I’m going back as far is 1962, when was legal hunt whales; most of you have no idea what you talking about when you try to defend the brutality, abuse and punishment (including dead) of such a beauty and smart animals….I do….I swim with them…I have spend time around them and everything indicates that they are NOT happy in captivity…so…be smart….open your eye’s prior to open your mouth

    • So use your voice LOUDLY at the venue as a witness, USE YOUR VOICE to tell of the abuse and how unhappy these beings are.

  5. Georgia Prosser Lawrence

    She just needs the money. Just like SeaWorld she’s all about greed! Agreed she has no conscience or morals.

  6. So she had a choice…the dolphins and whales do not. will be sure to spread the word her choice is captivity for them…spreading the word…shame on her..

  7. You will never get my support…shame on you Ms. Wilson!!

  8. She’s washed up…she needs the money that’s all the research she did

  9. untilcoveisblue

    if she did her research and decide like this she seems to has no heart or needs glasses to make a better research….. she has to go to Taiji and watch it with her own eyes than she can talk about her research

  10. Never heard of her but know her name now and the association that comes along with her “choice” is not a good one. The animals are imprisoned there because of the money they generate , she whored herself out for the same reason $$$$

  11. Never like her music anyway and now I realize it is because she does not have a soul

  12. She’s a has been anyway.had one maybe two hits. She is a disgrace to not only country music but to all women.

  13. This woman is just as bad as the butchers from Taiji

  14. Love this. <3

  15. I’ve never heard of her ,and now that i have i will make sure everybody knows what a self centred money grabbing bitch she is !!!!

  16. shame on her.

  17. I have a strong feeling that her “research” was whatever the Sea World PR team fed her.

  18. Researched what? Your bank account? It certainly wasn’t the plight of the marine animals imprisoned there.

  19. What research was that you did? If you did your research and still want to perform at seaworld, then you a disappointing as a human being

  20. what do you want from a stinking hunter. She’s a has been that will do anything for a buck. Never did like her. Gretchen take some of your cash and do something with your face. Gettin old girly. You have Cetacean blood on your hands. Karma to you.

  21. Thank you Ms. Brock for all you do! You are a grand lady & a TRUE role model!

  22. She’s a redneck, why am I not shocked? What research could possibly lead an educated person to this decision?

  23. go to taiji and watch the kill then tell us it doesnt happen

  24. daft move on her part … people talk, and I’ve just told some friends of this ‘artists’ choice and they are with me, no more supporting her … she’ll loose fans which in turn will cost her money and judging by her actions that may be what this is all about? she gets paid money to sing while the ‘prisoners’ are silently missing their family pods … stupid move Gretchen!

  25. I think you’re researching the paycheck you’ll receive from SeaWorld. This is very ignorant and disappointing.

  26. Loucretia Taylor

    Who is she?? I never heard of her…and now, probably never will again!

  27. She’s ignorant!! Not shocked.

  28. Dear Gretchen,
    You did not do your research about whales and dolphins. You checked your bank account and decided to prostitute for Sea World to make money at a place that catches whales and dolphins and locks them up until they die one day like these dead Orcas.

    You can read can’t you? Can you read Gretchen? read this Gretchen;

    If you play Sea World your Karma will take good care of your future. You will have the blood of Taiji Dolphins and the blood of dead Orcas on your money, we call that Blood Money Gretchen.
    Sea World is so bad they take sperm from animals and impregnate females so they have new slaves for lifetime shows.
    How would you like to be forced to sing for the rest of your life from a bathtub and never leave that bathtub?
    Gretchen you have no morals, you are just a one night stand prostitute for Sea World. You are selling your soul for what? for what Gretchen? we will never ever forget Gretchen. You do not know the difference between right and wrong Gretchen.

    Here is a little more research for your reading pleasure.

  29. She is a avid hunter and a has been…probably the only gig she can get…looks like SeaWorld is scrapping the bottom for talent. Gretchen you will get yours when Karma slaps you in the face!

  30. This is depressing. I understand that times can be hard and you have to make money to pay bills and eat in this dreadful society. But is this really necessary? I mean, If your going to claim to your fans that you “did your research” then Im afraid your putting yourself out there to admit false information. Because if you did your research you would know that these beautiful mammals are sound sensitive, the music they play so loud at seaworld is dangerous and harmful to these animals. So Ms Gretchen Wilson, Im from Oklahoma, I grew up with red neck women, but we are taught to appreciate wildlife and to leave animals as they lay. Stop tweeting False information and leave this place. Because if your really need the money, how about donating to wildlife centers where you can use it as a tax write off. Or how about educating yourself instead of acting like an ignorant country star who obviously knows nothing of these animals. I at least went to vet school, so I CAN SAY I DID MY RESEARCH BECAUSE I HAD THE BEST TEACHER EVER. #point for marine life. 0 for ignorant hicks who give tru country women a bad name.

  31. WATCH BLACKFISH!!! That shouldn’t take too much of your precious time? If you still want to play at seaworld, then I’m sure you will be judged by god at your end in life.. If you have truly do your research, then you should know better than this.. Just remember the human race is judged by how they treat their animals… What does this make you? Play another venue. If not you are GUILTY by association.

  32. She IS (or was) a member of the “Music Mafia” after all…playing at $eaWorld, contributing directly to all those murderous “hits” in the Taiji cove. I am a huge country music fan and she is a disgrace to the country music community and all of its fans.

  33. Dear Gretchen, no one has recruited me to write letters or tell me how to feel. I am not a radical activist, nor am I a PETA member. I DO know however the difference between right and wrong. I DO know whales and dolphins are not meant to be kidnapped and held captive in tiny concrete pools to perform for their food as a means of entertainment for idiot, arrogant humans. Any normal human being with a conscience would know this. This is not propganda or misinformation…it is fact. It does however take considerable time for some uneducated, stubborn, self righteous, arrogant people to have a conscious breakthru, to see and accept truths and admit they perhaps were wrong. I’m willing to wait. Its only matter of time before kidnapping, captivity and outdated cetacean entertainment marine shows are a thing of the past.

  34. boycott this useless piece of shit

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