A sea of cars that say “Watch #Blackfish”

Cars windows have been pronouncing gleeful occasions, such as marriage, since there were car windows.  Whether with tempera paints, shoe polish, or (plant-based) soap, there is a sea of “announcement” space as close as your drive-way, carport or garage.

What is there to announce?  In a word, blackfish.  If you have missed the news stories on CNN, HLN, CBS, ABC, etc., surrounding Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s, Oscar-buzz film Blackfish, and the controversy of SeaWorld’s maintaining a “collection” of highly intelligent orcas in morbidly small tanks, you are likely to remain unable to miss it for long.  In a nutshell, activists have been saying for many years that orcas, dolphins and whales are not suited to captivity. But along came a documentary to explore why an orca would kill one of his trainers, would “bite the hand that feeds” him, and the rest is history.

Again, if you’ve missed the story, just google “Blackfish” or, if you are social media savvy, search hashtag #Blackfish on Twitter. Especially via Twitter, you will see the worldwide conversation about the impact that watching the film and reading David Kirby’s book Death at SeaWorld is having on a world that had no idea.  You’ll find that a six-year-old boy who snuck in while his parents were watching Blackfish inspired a birthday present of demonstrations at three SeaWorld locations.
But what about those who have missed it, who aren’t into current events or social media?
Imagine a sea of cars emblazoned with the simple phrase “Watch Blackfish” and maybe add “on Netflix, Amazon and iTunes.”  Imagine the parking lots and interstate highways and traffic stops across these United States peppered with cars that encourage folks to join the Blackfish movement, to learn about the “Blackfish Effect,” and to take part in encouraging the world’s most-emulated marine park, SeaWorld, to see the error of its ways and change its model from exploitation to real conservation.
Watch Blackfish on Netflix, Amazon, or iTunes

Watch Blackfish on Netflix, Amazon, or iTunes

As one who isn’t particularly fond of bumper stickers, I really like the idea of car paint: it’s simple, washable and easily changeable.

Watch Blackfish

I’m hoping to wash my car before someone else makes the suggestion

Speaking of washable, off I go to the car wash and the crafts store.  While my first attempt got honks and thumbs-ups as I drove the 550 miles on I-75 from Florida, I think I’ll spiff up old paint for her new job as part of an ocean of cars with a mission.

Watch #Blackfish.  Listen for the truth.  Don’t ever go to a marine park or aquarium that uses these beings for whatever purpose is their flavor-of-the-month.  Join the Blackfish movement.
And if you are so-moved, paint that car!!! ♥

9 responses to “A sea of cars that say “Watch #Blackfish”

  1. BRILLIANT!! We can’t afford Sea World’s fancy ad campaign, but we sure as heck can afford some shoe shine!!

    • I really would love to see local car painting parties (like cheerleading squads who do this instead of car washes!! or something else). FUN FUN FUN letting the world know about the truth about marine mammal captivity!

  2. I love this! Time to redecorate my car!

  3. Mine will be decorated this weekend. GO BLACKFISH GO!!

  4. Excellent idea! And…Here is a NEW flyer I made to download, print and hand out everywhere (8 in one). Print 10 sheets and go wake up 80 people!(using heavy wt. paper or card stock would be best) https://www.dropbox.com/s/yd9803acrc0pb8o/BLACKFISH%20on%20Netflix%20flyer%20%288%29.pdf

    • Awesome!! Adding movement on the ground seems like a very good idea to me. We tend to rely so heavily on social media (speaking for myself), so I love any medium that taps into something beyond that. THANK YOU!

  5. I just edited the flyer so print the one that says BLACKFISH on Netflix Flyer (8) edit 3 (final).pdf https://www.dropbox.com/sh/72pm2zxayfw40hg/bzbAvgf3AQ

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