The Origin of SeaWorld

In 1964 four fraternity brothers had an idea.

The idea was a restaurant with an underwater bar in the background, rather like a piano bar, but the “piano bar” was captive living beings.  Not too big a stretch for one of the founders, who is credited as the first to introduce “live bait” into the fishing for striped marlin.

The “piano bar” concept proved to be too expensive.

So they built an aquarium instead.

That aquarium is called SeaWorld.

Blackfish 110313

For more information about the plight of marine mammals during and after capture and for those who are born unnaturally in captivity, add A Fall From Freedom, Blackfish, Death At Seaworld and The Cove to your library; available on (Blackfish on November 12).

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  1. That makes sense. SeaWorld was invented by four drunken fraternity brothers in 1964. Now is the time for all sober, compassionate people to uninvent it.

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