Eight deaths, three survivors: the survival odds are not good: EMPTY THE TANKS!

Verdict: brain damage due to overdose of antibiotics is the cause of the deaths of two dolphins, Shadow and Chelmers, housed at Connyland.  Administered by Connyland veterinarian, the Examiner reports that charges against the veterinarian for negligence and cruelty are expected to be filed.

Dolphins do not have a good survival rate at Connyland. Photo Credit: Ivan Schnyder

Dolphins do not have a good survival rate at Connyland. Photo Credit: Ivan Schnyder

While the charges against the veterinarian may be appropriate, one cannot help but note that Shadow and Chelmers bring the death toll at Connyland to eight deaths in three years and to query whether any charges will also include the amusement park that is responsible for the well-being and lives of the dolphins under its control.  How many deaths are considered “acceptable” in the aquarium industry?  How many deaths would be acceptable in anyone’s household?  If one lost eight dogs in three years due to illness and unrelated to natural aging, that is, eight out of eleven, I suspect that none of us would hesitate to wonder whether there was something in the environment and/or the care that was inappropriate and unacceptable.

So let’s look at the industry over the last six years and at some of the dolphins and whales who have been under its control (as documented by Ceta-base):

Aquarium                              Species                        Deceased in Last Six Years            
Connyland                            Bottlenose                   Shadow
.                                                                                     Chelmers
.                                                                                     Barchus (Bacchus)
.                                                                                     Magic II
.                                                                                     Chicky’s Calf (unnamed)
.                                                                                     Silver
.                                                                                     Secret

Georgia Aquarium             Beluga                          Natasha
.                                                                                    Gasper
.                                                                                    Maris’ Calf
.                                                                                    Nico (died 29 days after
.                                                                                       transport to SeaWorld)

SeaWorld (all)                    Beluga                          Muk Tuk                                      .
.                                                                                    Spooky
.                                                                                    Ruby’s Calf
.                                                                                    Sikku
.                                                                                    Martina
.                                                                                    Whisper’s Calf (twin)
.                                                                                    Whisper’s Calf (twin)
.                                                                                    Ruby’s Calf

Seaworld Orlando.          Bottlenose                     Starkey
.                                                                                   Bunny
.                                                                                   Sabrina
.                                                                                   Hekili
.                                                                                   Peanut
.                                                                                   Sundance
.                                                                                   Kato
.                                                                                   Bunny’s Calf
.                                                                                   Starkey’s Calf
.                                                                                   Calla’s Calf
.                                                                                   Rhett
.                                                                                   Sabrina’s Calf

Miami Seaquarium         Bottlenose                     April
.                                                                                   Cathi
.                                                                                   Nosey
.                                                                                   Hollywood
.                                                                                   Jupiter
.                                                                                   2009 Calf
.                                                                                   2009 Calf
.                                                                                   Hollywood’s Calf

This six-year snapshot of examples is but the tip of a very large iceberg of captive dolphin and whale death in an industry that will merely replace the dead with more income-generators.  But these income-generators, these dolphins and whales, do not deserve to be treated as livestock for human amusement.  Rather, they deserve to live a life for which their species was designed, and they deserve to live it in the ocean, with natural seawater, and tides, and sunshine and stars, and live fish that they hunt with their families, rather than live in small concrete tanks, where they are given medications, like the antibiotics given to Shadow and Chelmers, on a continual basis.

What can you do:  Learn how marine mammals are not suited to captivity, and on July 27 stand with thousands around the globe who are committed to find a life for all the current captive whales and dolphins that does not involve depriving them of the life they were born to live.

Join us as we say to the worldwide aquarium industry, EMPTY THE TANKS! to give dolphins and whales the kind of space, natural sea water, and ability to catch their own prey that defines who they are.  While there is no quick-fix to the problems created by the aquarium industry, we can begin the course toward protecting dolphins and whales from commercial and non-profit enterprises that would exploit them to satisfy the human attributes of curiosity and desire for amusement.

You can also sign a pledge that you will not attend a dolphin show, and thereby send a message to an outdated industry that it must use its considerable resources to find a better life for captive dolphins and whales, including releasing all those who are rehabilitated for a free life.

Thank you to Ceta-base for maintaining a database of the world’s captive cetaceans.

Empty the Tanks - Worldwide on July 27

Empty the Tanks – Worldwide on July 27. To find or create an event go to https://www.facebook.com/events/633576009989898


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