Happy Holidays, Happy Life

Happy Holidays.  I was just given a brief lesson in bigotry, courtesy of one who shamed me and others for saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.  And then, when challenged, realized the error and expanded to a grand total of two religions that were worthy of mention and suggested that instead of saying Happy Holidays, that it would acceptable to say Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas.  Did I just Rip van Winkle but backwards in time, or did I just bump into someones who have the gift of time travel and were transported to the present from some more bigoted time in the past.  Or is it really that bigoted now?

Do  Christians really feel so insecure about their religion that if someone says, “Happy Holidays,” they are offended and wishing shame upon them?  Or did I just bump into two bad apples?  Do people think that referring to Holidays means that something is being celebrated “instead” of Christmas?  Is that what is going on?  People thinking that this is an either/or thing?  Or that all the colored light “belong” to one group or another?

Others truly believe that this has something to do with political correctness.

To anyone who finds the phrase Happy Holidays to be unacceptable or  inappropriate, maybe you can find your way to, instead of picking one and damning all the rest, celebrate them all.

Happy_Bodhi_DayI, myself, hereby declare that I am on permanent Holiday, starting today, Bodhi Day and the beginning of Hanukkah, through the Winter Solstice and a very special birthday, to Christmas, and rounding it all off with Kwanzaa for the remainder of the month and up through the New Year.

Unless the Mayans are right and we don’t make it past the Solstice.

There is a whole lot to be celebrating, to be joyful for, with, in and to.  And isn’t that the point?  If I need to squeeze it all in by the 21st, it’s gonna be a joyous 13 days.

Happy Holidays.  Including those of you who think I’m going to hell.  Peace.

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  1. LOL… I think that there are going to be a lot of Mayans doing last minute you-know-what shopping on December 22nd… Cheerful December Days to you!

  2. Great blog. Love it! I always say Happy Holidays. 🙂

    • I used to say only Merry Christmas, because there was time when I did not realize that there were any other religions, much less Holy Days. That state lasted longer than I care to admit. As I have aged, however, I truly believe that I am becoming more sensitive to the notion that there are others who have deeply held beliefs as strong as my own. The values that seems most truly precious are sustainability, mutuality, and respect. I do not, however, feel obliged to respect a value that allows one life to place itself over another. If one’s beliefs allow it to take another animal life, or to disrupt the delicate and graceful equilibrium of this living Earth, then that belief system is one that I cannot defend.

  3. Happy Holidays. We celebrate Bhodi, since we have Kismet, a Tibetan Terrier (Buddhist), Chauncy Bichonstein (Bichon Frise) celebrates Hanukkah, and Roxie (Australian Shep) is Agnostic.

  4. At work we not allowed to say anything but “Happy Holidays” so we con’t offend anyone…..except we find that we still offend someone.

    • It really is hard to not offend someone, somewhere. So, you won’t hear me say, “don’t say Merry Christmas” unless, of course, one’s employers is the federal or other government equally bound by the Constitution, because then one is crossing that separation line. Generally, I think Happy Holidays is just a recognition that we don’t live in 1955 anymore, and is just an attempt to honor all teachings that have celebrations in December, some of them non-religious.

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