Woody – Dolphins, Mountaintop Removal Mining and, yes, Taiji

This blogger is bummed.  Yes, it also bothers me when the Biebs sends a signal to millions of young girls that it is okay to keep wide-ranging creatures in a small concrete tank.

To Justin I would say, just because the dolphin tanks are bigger than your swimming pool, does not make it big enough for the dolphins.  Just because the dolphin tank is way deeper than your swimming pool does not make it deep enough for dolphins.

Woody Harrelson visits dolphins at Georgia Aquarium

Woody, don’t you know that the Georgia Aquarium sees the dolphins as a resource, an asset to be exploited? Photo from hypable.com

But when Woody Harrelson visits the world’s largest aquarium, and the one which is seeking to reverse 20 years of U. S. policy and practice against the taking of cetaceans from the wild for use in aquarium “exhibits”, well, that is a different matter.  Woody.  Don’t you know this?  Can’t you hear that in a world where it is wrong to remove the top of a mountain to get at its “resources”, it is also wrong to take wild, sentient, communal, far-ranging, deep-diving, echolocating, beings and treat them as “resources” and assets.

Woody.  Call me.  Call Naomi Rose.  Call Dr. Lori Marino.  Call Ric O’Barry.  Call Hardy Jones.  But please, call someone who is not financially motivated to keep dolphins in captivity.  Call someone who will tell you the truth about the connection between dolphin captivity anywhere and the Taiji dolphin drive hunt, which you know about.  Do the math.  You can see that the protestation from the aquariums that “we don’t have dolphins from the drive hunt” is an empty platitude.  Right?

But call.  Issue a correction.  Take the pledge that you will not go to a dolphin show.  Or hold one’s hands.  This is just plain wrong.

Pilot whale baby drowns in net as mother and family watch

Pilot whale baby drowns in net as mother and family watch. Nearly 250 pilot whales will be slaughtered this year, so that aquariums can have a few new “specimens” for their “exhibits”. Photo credit: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

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  1. They are marching the celebs through that hell on a constant basis now. They are whoring them out in the name of captivity. Please people READ! The information is out there.

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