Noise is not a barrier. Swim through

I keep this thought in my head, and generally somewhere on Facebook, and try to share it whenever the Fishermen’s Union in Taiji, Japan, is out hunting dolphins.

A dolphin pod swimming without barriers

A dolphin pod swimming without barriers. Photo Credit Rhombus

At the point that I think the FU “fishermen” may have located dolphins and are plunging their long metal poles into the water, to bang on them, to create the illusion of a “wall” of sound, I step up the focus on my thinking.  You see, the dolphins use sound to locate stuff: family, prey, tools in some cases, and barriers.  In their reality, they “know” that sound that is coming at them like this loud banging is a barrier.

But we know that it is not.  The fishermen are only making noise.  On poles. In the water.

Know this for its truth, for as you consciously recall and know that it is true, that thought is not restricted inside your head:

There is only freedom and a few men in loud boats. Noise is not a barrier.

Swim through. Swim through.

Smile, celebrating, as the dolphins learn something new.

Never Give Up Atlanta, Georgia 111412 Photo Martha Brock

In the words of Save Misty the Dolphin, Never be silent ~ Never Give Up!  There is only freedom and a few men in loud boats.  Noise is not a barrier.  Swim through.  Swim through.  Photo Credit: Martha Brock


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