And the misinformation continues about belugas in captivity

Juno beluga whale Mystic Aquarium

Juno has always been “under glass,” having been born in captivity. This photo moment is a disgusting excuse for keeping wild animals out of their natural element. Photo by Andrey Antov, Solent News

The content in this “news” piece is offensive.  To me. To anyone who respects life.  To the truth.  It is offensive because it is, whether Mail Online realized it or not when it published this tripe, a piece whose one result is to create another “how darling” moment that justifies in the small-minded and those who would not examine the truth of the natural world and the falsity of the unnatural one, the thinking that the captivity of cetaceans is acceptable.  Because one little girl somewhere feels something about an animal that will never have a natural life, will never know the life that it deserves.

And this reporter, Ms. Edwards, has the audacity to suggest that the animal is “bonding” with that little girl.  Really?  While I wouldn’t argue that Veronica had some special moments, those moments must not, must never be purchased at the price of the self-determinative rights of another creature.  Veronica’s parents, who are likely otherwise intelligent, are inculcating in their daughter the ugly arrogance of homo “not so” sapiens, the thinking that wild animals for our amusement is acceptable.

I am nearly speechless.  And can only say that I trust that if you are reading this, you are not taken in by this misinformation.  If you don’t already know this, please watch this new film by Earth Island Institute Philippines, In Solidarity with Ric O’Barry, A Fall from Freedom, and this video by the International Fund for Animal Welfare that shows the process of how beluga whales, if not Juno’s parents specifically, were ripped from stable families in the ocean so that someone somewhere could say, “Ah, how cute,” and snap a few pics for a photo album, or newspaper fluff piece.

Parents, no “how cute” moment can ever justify cetacean captivity.  Even if it’s your little girl.  Correction: especially if it’s your little girl.  She deserves to learn the truth and beauty of respecting life.

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  1. Let me be the first to say….well said! As always you bring the truth to the public eye!


    • Yes, that would be the right and awesome result. As Ric O’Barry and others have observed, no child has had to view a dinosaur in order to become fascinated with them or to learn about them. No marine mammal should be in captivity even under the auspices of “education”, and certainly not of an entertaining afternoon out at the non-profit or for-profit aquariums.

  3. Well said! I finally saw “The Cove” a few months ago and it changed my life. There is nothing cute about animals in captivity and the sooner we teach our children that the better off the world will be.

  4. The Mail Online piece is one-sided. It’s like an advertisement for the aquarium. I think many people don’t realize that there even is a problem with captivity. And when they read a piece like that it only reinforces the idea in their minds that captivity for these marine mammals is a good thing.

    I enjoyed the Solidarity film about Ric O’Barry and I encourage anyone to click the link and view the film.

    Don’t buy a ticket to a park or aquarium that displays captive dolphins and whales.

  5. My children are ages 9 and 11 and they know the truth! We cannot understand how animal lovers could support the confinement of these beautiful, intelligent creatures. Now if I could just get more adults on board..sigh…

    • Thank you, Mary Ann! And keep on trying with the other parents. Share the blog post if you can which contains links to three very instructive videos or films about the truths about cetacean captivity.

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