Two dolphin videos: you choose

Just a short post to juxtapose two videos.  One I shot holding a camera while I watched (online) the April 2010 Congressional Hearings on Marine Mammal captivity.  Now that I think about it, I don’t think I finished watching the entirety of that hearing, but it’s archived.  And I wrote a few words about it.

Dr. Lori Marino, Dr. Naomi Rose, Louie Psihoyos, and others were empaneled, as were representatives from the aquarium industry.  I don’t know how dolphin experts and advocates, as these individuals are, could sit in the same room with Congressman Young (R, AK) and listen to his line about captivity without becoming physically ill.  Just one snippet from Cong. Young reveals his views that freedom was something that we “let” dolphins have.  Really?  We “let” dolphins have freedom?  Well, that is certainly one way of looking at it.  Apparently the way the aquarium industry, or at least their advocate from the great state of Washington, looks at it.  But let’s get on with watching the two short videos.

Congressman Don Young Republican Alaska

Congressman Don Young (R, AK) doesn’t think that we should “let” dolphins run around loose and wild, well, at least not all of them. Photo by Dennis Zaki,

First is the Congressman who apparently doesn’t think we should “let’ ’em [dolphins, that is] run around loose and wild” even in the face of an aquarium industry where it is still debated whether legitimate education is provided.  I know, I know, Congressman Young.  You want to believe that aquariums are educational.

And here are dolphins, loose and wild, being dolphins, being the exuberance of dolphin-ness.

Doesn’t one of those videos seem like truth and the other like the stories we make up to justify some human agenda.  I know.  It’s as plain as the nose on your face, isn’t it?

As we face the start of the Taiji dolphin drive hunt on September 1, 2012, I’d ask that you keep these two videos in mind.  And remember: two videos, one a justification for an industry, the other a simple glimpse into truth and beauty.

It is now time to tell Taiji, Japan, that it must end its hunting of these marvelous, exuberant creatures.  On August 31 and September 1, 2012, citizens of the world in 93 cities worldwide are standing together on Japan Dolphins Day 2012 to say NO! to the Taiji Dolphin Drive Hunt and to anyone who defends dolphin captivity or slaughter, including The Hon. Don Young, and to say YES! to dolphins’ being free, being loose and wild.

The event, founded by Ric O’Barry and Save Japan Dolphins, is coordinated by Save Misty the Dolphin, and you can locate an event near you by visiting the Facebook event page.  Stand with us on this memorable day so that it will be the last time that we need stand shoulder to shoulder to stop a dolphin hunt.

Loose and wild.  All of ’em, Congressman Young.  All  of ’em.


2 responses to “Two dolphin videos: you choose

  1. Sounds like congressman Young hasn’t studied both sides. Someone should send him a copy of “The Cove.”

    There are many ways to become educated about cetaceans. Captivity doesn’t have to be one of them.

    I do believe that once the public understands the facts of dolphin captivity they will do the right thing and stop supporting it.

    Watching a video of wild and free dolphins (like the one above) and comparing it to a video of captive, circus dolphins can change minds….

    • I wonder if a copy of The Cove would persuade Congressman Young. Having watched hours of the testimony from experts, I am unpersuaded that it would. But crazier things have happened.

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