Georgia Aquarium baby beluga – stable says the news

The last thing I read last night as I prepared to log out and turn off was an article by Save Misty the Dolphin published last year, Swimming in Sorrow: The Story Behind the Captive Breeding Program of Dolphins in the U.S.  It is an awesome article, and I can add nothing to it.

I’ll intro it by saying that, for those who have never considered the trauma to marine mammal mothers of the separation of their children, well, it’s time you did.  Or in the case of Maris, one of the most sentient beings on the planet, the trauma of giving birth in captivity.  And being self-aware, the recognition beyond “instinct” that her baby is in danger.  It is also reasonable that this self-aware being knows that if her baby lives, she will live in the same conditions known to Maris, however that knowledge occurs for her.  But, rest assured, occurring for her is an awareness of her and her baby’s situation beyond what any of us currently comprehend.

Maris and baby girl calf shortly after her birth, Georgia Aquarium, condition unknown

Maris and baby girl calf - motherhood is not something to be accomplished in a "program"

This article is helpful equally for those who consider Maris, who gave birth last Friday to a baby girl calf, as “just” an animal as well as for those who know that motherhood in any species is not something to be accomplished in a “program”.

Maris’ baby is, according the most recently online-available press, stable, but which the most current press release by the Georgia Aquarium was issued yesterday while the calf was in critical condition.

Here,the piece from Save Misty the Dolphin, describes some perhaps little-known facts about mortality among dolphin captive birth.  Because beluga birth mortality is even worse than in dolphins, the captive beluga breeding program is especially egregious.

Hang on, baby.  Freedom awaits you, your mother, and the others.

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