I was just getting my trousers off about Karl Marx – Hitchens from 2007

This morning I noted – as I wasted my time reviewing the statistics on my blog as if I could do anything to impact them – that someone read a blog I had written some months ago about partisan politics and Christopher Hitchens.  So I clicked on the old post, to see what writing of mine someone was reading and to revisit and share that mental space with the reader.  In a True Confessions moment, I admit that I do this more often than I should.

hitchens n blue by annie liebowitz

Hitchens and Blue by Annie Liebowitz

It was with great disappointment that I found that a video at the end of my blog had been disabled due to multiple copyright claims.  Apparently there are several people out there who claim to own the copyright of certain Hitchens interviews.  Without getting into that, I just remark, isn’t that interesting?  Several different entities think they “own” the same work and may be at this moment fighting about it.  Enough said about that.  Good luck to the true owner, with my sincere wish that the claim inures to the benefit of Ms. Blue and his children.

But apparently, there are videos over which no one has yet made such claim, and I collected one series here for my convenience to watch this May 10, 2007 talk and book signing at Politics and Prose Bookstore.  My apologies to the less ADD-endowed reader, if I’ve done this earlier.

Wait. I was just getting my trousers off about Karl Marx.

 -Christopher Hitchens (at 1:50 in 6 of 6)

Christopher Hitchens, My First Ode

Miss you.  Love you.

Never met you.

Can NOT imagine

Life without you.

See you.  Hear you.

Growing to fear you

won’t be there

in video to see.

This morning, I feel like I’m losing him all over again, this man who put himself out there in all media, at all times, at all of his ages. And now copyright is limiting that access that he created.  And that’s all I’ll say about that.

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