Cry of the Innocent – End the Fur Trade Now

What is the state of our collective consciousness, our collective soul, when we empower industries that profit from atrocity: whether it is the vanity-laden fur industry, or the vanity-laden leather industry, or the vanity-laden animal entertainment industry, or the vanity-laden animal research industry.

In all those industries, the “need” or “curiosity” of humans is paramount.  The animal gets only enough consideration for humans to avoid fines and penalties.  Some of the time.  Many times, more than you want to believe, the animals are horribly treated.  More horribly than you can imagine.  Unless you can imagine being skinned alive and left to die from exposure and shock.

That is a sad state of affairs.

But we can change this if, today, you become part of the solution:

  • Reach out to an animal rights group.
  • Start reading.
  • Start watching the atrocious state of affairs for animals.

Here is the trailer for Cry of the Innocent, a 2012 film by Katherine Lowson, a film that exposes the ugly underbelly of the industry that puts innocuous little fur thingies on your clothes.  So, even if you are not decked out in movie-star-fur regalia, like JLo or one of the Kardashians, you may still be contributing to the horrendous fur trade.  A trade that stops at no animal for vanity.  And at no practice.  An industry that will skin an animal alive.  That will purchase fur knowing – or choosing to ignore – its very own horrific underbelly.

Start volunteering or donating.

But first, stop wearing fur.  Any fur.  What do you think happens to horses that are no longer useful and are sent to slaughter?  Do you know whether you’re wearing a horse?

And don’t think “faux” fur is considerably better.  Many times, it is NOT FAUX!!  And it still sends the message that you want to wear an animal’s skin.  I mean, seriously.

Iron Gait Percheron Rescue

One of the many opportunities to help animals, thanks to GARP and Iron Gait Percherons, GARP Workday May 18, 2012

For folks in the Atlanta area, the group Georgia Animal Rights and Protections, founded in 2003, has over 700 members, and is an awesome group that can provide you with not only information, but also consistent opportunities to help the plight of animals.  Here’s a photo from our work day yesterday.  The zen of mucking stalls.

More to follow about Iron Gait Percherons – Draft Horse Rescue, where horses are saved from many fates, including being the leather on your shoes or the accent on your purse strap.

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  1. Thanks for posting my film, Mo. I am moved by your blogs which bring soul awareness to the world. We need more people like you to shine the light unto the darkness, enlightening consciousness and humanity on our planet.

    • I hope more and more people see your film, and I just now see that you will be screening at the Anti-Fur Society Conference this year, where you will also be interviewed. If there is additional information on how to schedule a screening, please let me know. Thank you for making this film!

  2. Thank you so much, Mo. If you would like, here is the AFS Conference interview recording: INTERVIEW with Director, Kathleen Lowson, at the Anti-Fur Society Conference in Washington, D.C. 2013. Kathleen speaks about her mission and the universal message of her precedent-setting documentary, CRY OF THE INNOCENT: The Voices That Can’t Speak

    Also, FYI, BREAKING NEWS! The new movie trailer for CRY OF THE INNOCENT: The Voices That Can’t Speak was screened at a press conference in Shenzhen, China, attended by the national media, and has already had a tremendous influence, with top TV news coverage of the cat and dog fur trade at its epicenter, showing clips from the new movie trailer! This is precedent-setting media coverage and a huge step forward for the animals! Please see full update here:

    Without our voice, the animals have no voice.

    Thank you, on behalf of the animals and humanity on our planet.

    Kathleen Lowson
    Director, Writer, Producer
    CRY OF THE INNOCENT: The Voices That Can’t Speak





    • Thank you for that information! I will look into your screening schedule, or feel free to suggest how we might best support getting a screening for the film here in Atlanta. A local animal rights group of which I am a member, Georgia Animal Rights and Protection, has a passionate and growing membership. While I cannot and do not speak for them, I know that they support animal rights in any way they can. One of the principals, Melody Paris, has a weekly radio show called Second Opinion radio, if you might consider an interview (again, I don’t speak for her).

      • Thank you, Mo. Since I am still in production and raising funds, the film is not yet completed. However, the trailers are available for screening if there is interest. I am always open to radio interviews and getting the word out about the film and campaign. I appreciate your support.

  3. FILM NEWS UPDATE from CRY OF THE INNOCENT: The Voices That Can’t Speak, a precedent-setting documentary revealing the spiritual truth of an egocentric society that perpetuates the holocaust of animals in the fur trade.

  4. “The time to evolve our consciousness is now. Cry o the Innocent: The Voices that Can’t Speak is a monumental film and call to action that is a magnificent contribution to the animal rights movement.” – Dr. Shenita Etwaroo

  5. News: Animal Rights 2014 Conference Report from Cry of the Innocent: The Voices That Can’t Speak

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