The Secret of NIH – Morgan Island

I should not write this short snippet while I’m this freaking disgusted, but fuck! The National Institutes of Health is using Morgan Island, off the coast of South Carolina, as a “free range breeding ground,” of sorts.

What they’re breeding, or allowing to breed, on this small deserted island are not chickens, or wild pigs, which you might expect would have arrived here from a neighboring island.  Nope.

Monkey Island Morgan Beaufort South Carolina National Institute of Health

Monkey Island, Rhesus monkey destined to be someone’s experiment

What NIH is breeding are  rhesus monkeys.  Monkeys who are destined to die, not on Morgan Mutherfucking Island.  No, fuck, no.  Each monkey will die (unless vivisection is ended once and for freaking all) in a lab somewhere, after being poked, stuck, restrained, cut open, had smoke forced into its lungs, and had open brain surgery.

Well, I told you I shouldn’t have written this now.  But fuck.

For the facts, and not just my tirade, read the excellent summary by Dave Wagner of NewsChannel 36.

Update August 9, 2015: Since the links above have disappeared from the interwebtubes, here is a summary by another news source.

And a video:

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