Taiji Cove eyes creating a new tradition

Mark the date that this tradition started in Taiji.  Or at least the date that we all became aware of the plan by a very few Taijians to embark on a new form of dolphin treachery.

April 30, 2012.

Jiyu a dolphin who couldn't withstand captivity Taiji Cove

Jiyu a dolphin who couldn't withstand captivity, photo by Heather Hill of Save Japan Dolphins

The date that most of us learned that The Taiji Cove may become a swim-with-the-dolphins experience, instead of just a kill-the dolphins experience, or a capture-the-dolphins-for-the-dolphin-show experience, or a display-the-dolphins experience, or a capture-and-then-fail-to-make-a-dolphin-survive-captivity experience, or an eat-the-dolphins experience.

Seems that the only way these people do not want to experience the dolphins is free.  Living on their own terms, in their own environment.

That’s just sad.  Nope.  Incorrect.  It’s also despicable.

By the way, the hundreds-years-old “tradition”, the one of the Japanese dolphin drive-hunt, appears to have begun in approximately 1980.  Just sayin’.

Here are the various news outlets and bloggers that have reported it thus far:

Marine safari?  Give these people a clue.


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