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Thank you, Hong Kong Airlines!! No more dolphin cargo!

At the risk of jumping the gun, I understand from my dolphin contacts at Save Misty the Dolphin that Hong Kong Airlines has agreed to stop shipment of dolphins.  And will never again ship these magnificent animals, who deserve our respect, not our disdain, and certainly not our ownership.

So, thank you, Hong Kong Airlines, for having gone through lots of conversations and emails, Facebook and blog posts and Twitter Tweets – and emerged a hero, a leader in this global economy at no small cost.  The shipment of the dolphins came at a ticket price of six figures, from what I understand.  When a company demonstrates that it values life over dollars, and that dollars gained by yesterday’s ethics and morals is not worth that cost.  Well.  It gives me faith.  That people will do the right thing if they know what that is.

And thank you, Save Misty the Dolphin, for being there.  For coordinating with Sea Shepherd, Sea Shepherd Hong Kong, and Save Japan Dolphins to create a petition and a groundswell to reach out to Hong Kong Airlines to tell them how this shipment was tainted with blood.

I don’t have all the facts now.  I’m too excited today.  I can’t even look for any more links.  I think I’ve gotten all the big ones I need in here.  If I left someone out, just know that this little blog ain’t what counts.  It’s what you did that matters.  For more of those pesky facts.

The last day of the Taiji hunt, and Hong Kong Airlines agrees not to ship dolphins.

This is a very good day.

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