This morning’s question about Samantha’s powers

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I don’t normally write about Bewitched, but I was wondering this morning why Samantha Stevens had to fly some things in, like a casserole from the kitchen through those cool louvered doors on the kitchen pass-through bar.  Or through the ubiqitious swinging door between kitchen and modest, conservatively modern dining room.  While, at other times when she wiggled her nose [tink-a-link-a-link], other things could just appear?

Why could the bed just <poof!> be made one time, while another spell used some invisible fingers to lift the bedspread and tuck it under the pillows?  And remember that the Flying Food or Invisible Finger method always had a sound effect that sounded like work.  An up-and-down, grinding, repetitive kind of sound.  While the instant appearance of dining room repast on a simply but elegantly appointed table had a bell sound effect.  Ding!  It’s done!  Versus the whirr and grind it out approach.

Why do witches have broomsticks at all, for that matter, when they can just materialize on the top of Mount Everest, for instance, to get the antidote for Witch Flu?

I guess there must a limit to witches’ powers or maybe just skillset, such that they can’t always run at full throttle, as in <poof!>, on all tasks.  And maybe they’d get bored if they used the same mechanism, all the time, day after day, to work their magic in the world?  Like there’s an inherent pull to be creative.  To try new ways, while mastering others.

Hm.  Kinda like us.

Corny, I know.  But if you stop to think about it.  Why [Conspiracy Afoot sound effect] does Sam not just <poof!> everything?

I wonder if J. K. Rowling knows the answer or maybe the folks over at Bewitched Bookworms.

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  1. mo, i’m worried about you. you have waaaaaaayyyy too much time on your hands.

  2. I would love it if that were it. It’s this house cleaning/whittling-down-of-stuff jag. I’m so wanting to be able to move boxes and papers and furniture via my special powers instead of the old fashioned way.

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