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From Christopher Hitchens Facebook page. I don't know who to credit or I would

Hitchens observed that the bitch of dying (not his exact words but now I can’t find the video) was that the party would go on here after he was gone; he just wouldn’t be able to participate. Well, it sure doesn’t feel like that here. It feels as if the entire party is over, and we are left here among the hangers-on who are well into the process of over-staying our welcome.  And at a decidedly less interesting party.  But partly because we’re here at this awkward hour and partly because the life of the party has just left, it might approach rudeness to walk out.

No offense intended to the other good minds out there.  I expect that I’ll read Sam Harris soon.  And look for local readings by authors.  I almost don’t care if they’re any good or not; I just want to hear something read to me.  But I expect that’s not correct.  I want to go to one of his readings; failing that impossibility, whatever might give me an inkling of a hint of aroma of beautiful logic and literature combined will have to do.  But bless their little hearts, as we in the South say.  I hope it doesn’t show on my face during someone’s reading that I was expecting Hitch to walk in, and interrupt, and expose the scorious nature of the intellectual light-lifting by the speaker.  Again, no offense intended; that’s just the grief talking.

On a more positive note, I did see on Richard Dawkins’ site that there is a schedule of events, inluding events in Sri Lanka, Jaipur, and Oxford (where Richard will be debating the Archbishop of Canterbury!!!).  And, it seems, there is a party at the Mall on March 24, 2012, to celebrate secularism.

The intent is to unify, energize, and embolden secular people nationwide, while dispelling the negative opinions held by so much of American Society… and having a damn good time doing it!

So, that was good news.  A date in March.  But it will be a date without Hitch.

While real writers are refining their first bursts of wallowy emotion and looking to the future for its promise, I will continue to wallow a bit longer and thank wordpress for the space for this blog.

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