Japanese Police Raid in Taiji Will Not Stop Dolphin Activism

Lest anyone read the accounts of the latest attacks on the Cove Guardians in Taiji (where the Japanese law enforcement manufactured a search warrant authorizing them to seize cameras and laptops of U.S. and other nations’ citizens), and be concerned that this may curtail the firm stand of dolphin activists worldwide, let me assure you that you need not worry.

There exist photographs to document the slaughter.  I repeat, one needn’t worry that activists will ever forget or will ever stop short of meeting the goal of dolphin freedom.

Photo by Brooke McDonald, prior to efforts to quash publicity about the slaughter

Neither need fear the dolphins and whales that activists will forget

  • the arrest and detainment of Dutch citizen and Cove Guardian Erwin Vermeulen;
  • the relentless capture and slaughter of dolphins by 26 fishermen;
  • the direct or indirect participation in the slaughter of dolphins by trainers, brokers, and aquariums by selecting from the slaughter the pretty few whom they will take into a life of captive performing and breeding; or
  • Jiyu, who did not survive the transition from freedom to captivity, from catching her own food to being force-fed by trainers;

or will be dissuaded from seeking an ethical and free life for all dolphins and whales.  No worry necessary that this will stop our efforts.  As is the case with steel, which is strengthened by fire and the hammer, the Cove Guardians and other activists worldwide are watching and learning.

But I must confess that I am worried.  It is not, however, for activists or dolphins.  It is for the casual photographer.  If having laptops and cameras justifies a search warrant . . .

When countries make photographing illegal, we're all in trouble

My camera and I will out and about today, in honor of animals and their champions everywhere, and in particular, The Cove Guardians.

4 responses to “Japanese Police Raid in Taiji Will Not Stop Dolphin Activism

  1. To all activists: Please don’t let these fisherman, policeman intimidate you. These dolphins beened through hell and back in the evil hands of Taiji. That’s just what they want for all you activists to go away for good. Obvisiously they must be feeling the heat to go to desperate measures and raid a hotel for no reason. That just tells me that the pressure on them is working. All you guys/gals are awesome in my eyes. I give you so much credit for your efforts. I told Jiyu that you guys would die for him so other dolphins could be saved. I can’t stop thinking of Jiyu, some days i just cry and start prayin for God to save these intelligent beings. God bless you all and keep up the good work.GOD AND ACTIVISTS WILL PREVAIL!!!

  2. Yes, I agree. We will never forget Jiyu or let her (I call her a her, but I don’t think we know) down by giving up on freedom for all dolphins and whales.

  3. Just started reading about dolphins, due to your blog. I’m educating myself. Thank you Mo!

    • Actually, this makes everything worthwhile to me. Do you know if Hitch ever discussed animal rights and the arrogance if religion in asserting “dominion” over them?

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