The 99 Percent Declaration

Yesterday I started a new blog where I could focus on a holistic approach to nutrition and health, and what did I write about?  The Declaration of the 99 Percent!  What was I thinking?  That topic really should have been posted on this blog.  Or maybe I should stick with one blog.


Well, the jury is waaay out on whether I’ll continue a second blog, so for now, I’m cross-posting to the 99Percent Declaration to rein it back in here, where it belongs.

The U.S. Constitution

If you haven’t read it, you should.  Prepare yourself for participation grounded in our most awesome Constitution and its First Amendment.  I’m sure this goes without saying, but just in case you haven’t yet had your coffee, notice the First Amendment as the Basis of the 99 Percent Declaration.

And then you’ll see a list that forms the basis of possible grievances to be included in a Petition to Congress, The Supremes, The President and all Federal political candidates.  What’s in the list of suggestions?

  • An immediate ban on contributions to political candidates by corporations, PACs, unions, and everyone else, with campaigns to be completely publicly financed.  AKA “campaign finance reform” when you watch or read about it on the MSM.
  • An immediate abrogation of Citizens United v FCC.  That is, curtail the power that corporations and PACs have over, under, around and through our political process.  Sorry, Supremes.  You screwed the pooch on this one.  No surprises there.
  • Prohibiting federal employees from being employed by the corporations that they directly regulated while in office (I’d personally like to see the reverse, too)
  • Congressional term limits (I personally don’t really like them.  If campaign finance reform really ends all private donations, the power brokering by corporations and other monied interests should be sufficiently curtailed as a first step. If people want the same representative, they should be able to keep him/her.)
  • Reform the tax code, eliminate loopholes that allow the richest 1% to pay less than The Average Jolene.
  • Single payer healthcare for all.
  • More power to EPA to shut down violators, especially those where an intent to violate the law is demonstrated.  Oooh.  I’m all tingly.
  • Plan to reduce the national debt to a sustainable figure by 2020 (which is just around the political corner).
  • Passage of a comprehensive jobs and job-training act (think the WPA)
  • Student loan debt relief, especially in light of higher-than-ever corporate profits in the face of our young not able to get jobs.
  • Immediate passage of the DREAM Act (I don’t know about this one.  I only know that the solution to immigration must be a global one, based in compassion – which DREAM appears to be – but also with population control requirements, both before and after new potential citizens enter our nation).
  • And there’s more.

But while greater minds than mine are working on our brave new world, I am still ciphering on the issue of one blog or two.

6 responses to “The 99 Percent Declaration

  1. hmmmm.. i have 2 blogs, too, and need to figure out how to combine them.

  2. Me oh my oh. I was thinking it made sense for my dolphiny, animal rightsy folks to not have to weed through nutrition stuff, but heck, those people I really want to share about nutrition with.

    What’s a blogger to do?

  3. Holise Cleveland somehow manages to weave it all together…he is the Master. I’m sure you will figure it out. Either way, I shall enjoy your thoughtful writing and friendly style Mo.

  4. Holise is the master. I’m just hoping I can follow where he leads!!

  5. And you and Jules, too!

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