Urgent Call to Action – Dolphin Base Taiji

In his repetitive spy-hopping behavior, photo Rosie Kunneke of Sea Shepherd

My friends and bloggers at Save Misty the Dolphin are calling for help for another stressed and sick dolphin. Please visit that page for more information about the urgent need for immediate action and the numbers to call to help this dolphin through what observers say may be a life-threatening crisis.

The dolphin is exhibiting repetitive “spy-hopping” behaviors that indicate that it is not adjusting well to life in a tank.  It also appears to be repeatedly “beaching” itself on the platforms.

Immediate action must be taken to remove this dolphin from this setting before it suffers from further illness or injury.

2 responses to “Urgent Call to Action – Dolphin Base Taiji

  1. Thanks so much Mo! Thousands of people came together to Save Misty. Hoping we can do the same for this guy or gal.

  2. You are welcome. I just found myself thinking how some individuals can handle change better than others, and this poor creature just seems miserable. I feel so sorry that we haven’t protected him from this fate. But we won’t stop until it stops.

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