Dedicated to SeaWorld and the Georgia Aquarium

So, yes, with a measure of fun, I am questioning the factual basis of some of the assertions about dolphin and orca captivity from some dolphin-owning institutions. Assertions about the life spans in captivity being longer than ones in the wild (not true).  Or that the dolphins thrive in captivity (a little harder to quantify, but read on, not true).

Now, before you go all, “Oh, that Martha.  She’s so extreme.  Dolphins are fine in captivity, and there is a valid educational part of the dolphin shows” on me, just take a gander at the educational content of the dolphin extravaganza at the Georgia Aquarium shot by a visitor:

I’m figuring that you’ll be like most of us, including some members of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums that expressed annoyance, shall we say, upon their exit from just having seen the very same dolphin show.  I believe some of them observed that there was something like, oh, zero educational content in the show.  And I repeat, these were zoo and aquarium people who make their living based upon the acceptability of animal captivity, not we “fringe anti-caps.”

And to the point of whether dolphins like captivity, take a look at the celebration of life in wild dolphins:

compared with live streaming video of captive dolphins:

You’ll have to copy and paste that one in your url; it won’t link live.  It may be a bit of a bother, but believe me, you want to do this to see the whole story.  And if Winter isn’t visible on this web cam, check one of the other ones; Web Cam #1 is where she and her dolphin companion strut their captive stuff for the paying public.

Which side are you on?

To take action for dolphin freedom, just take one step. Call, write, blog, tweet, donate.  I’m betting you’ll see how great it is to stand for these extraordinary beings, and will take one more step after that.


4 responses to “Dedicated to SeaWorld and the Georgia Aquarium

  1. I love your style Mo – thanks for sharing the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH.

  2. Tilikum is really a great work of naurte. I believe the place these animals is in the wild, where they belong, though I know that in the SeaWorld parks the people have the chance to see them up close, what doesn’t happens in naurte. Read about the demise of that trainer was something shocking, but everyone knew it was not advisable to have this kind of contact with Tilikum. I would say he’d better free, but to have three decades of captivity he would not adapt.

  3. Thank you for your thoughts. Yes, they are magnificent creature, as worthy as humans on this planet. Whether people ever see them is not the point. Our up-closeness would serve a purpose if we learned to leave them in the ocean and to minimize our intrusion into their space. But alas, our up-closeness has not accomplished that.

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