What the World Needs Now Is … More Dolphin Captivity?

The federal government is preparing to use $75 million in my tax money and yours to build another dolphinarium in Mississippi called the Ocean Expo.  Interesting choice of words, since I seem to recall a big box Expo attached to yet another dolphin captor, who has trained 10 dolphins (and one wild-caught dolphin held for what I don’t know) to perform three times daily in a dolphin extravaganza in another southern U.S. state.  But that’s a story for another day.

Moby Solangi

One Mr. Moby Solangi, who has captured over 200 dolphins in his career, has applied for monies to fund his various dolphin projects, and he apparently continues to have the support of Senator Thad Cochran.  Mr. Solangi may even get a sympathy vote for having lost property during Hurricane Katrina.  But the property he lost was a hub from which he loaned dolphins, sea lions and other marine animals for display.  So he won’t get a sympathy vote from me.

What he’ll get is a signed petition and a growing community in opposition to this abomination on Facebook (Citizens Against Ocean Expo) who will never stop until the dolphin captivity practiced by Mr. Solangi and others is revealed as the cruel, outdated practice it is, and one akin to allowing humans to wrestle bears at roadside zoos or conduct dogfighting.

Harsh comparison?  I think not.  Some amusements at the expense of animals may appear to be benign.  But there is nothing benign in this.  At its root, these dolphins shows are, as Ric O’Barry said, about control.

I would just add one more object, and that is money.

So, let’s fight to keep our tax money out of Mr. Solangi’s pockets, and more dolphins in the ocean where they belong.  Join us.  Sign.  Call Senator Cochran.  Tell him no to the dolphin show.

Dolphins where they belong



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  1. Simon V サイモン

    Thanks for getting this news out, Mo!
    I’ll pass it around.
    BTW that “Dolphins where they belong” photo is incredible!
    Can I download a better quality copy anywhere? Who’s is it, I wonder.

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