In honor of Ray Anderson

Ray Anderson

I saw this morning, via the magic of facebook, that, a year ago today, I posted a quote.  So today, and here, I would like to reprise that post in honor of Ray
, whom I think we would all call “a fine man.”

Although I didn’t know him personally – and just stumbled upon him this past year after watching him do a TED talk, and almost falling in the floor because he was so amazing – I 0ffer the following.

When I first saw him, I knew immediately that he was a fine man.  A good man.  A solid man.  A thoughtful man.  A man who recognized that thoughtful must translate into action, or else who is living your life?  A man who recognized that one doesn’t ignore ethics in any arena of life, including the business and manufacturing arena.  A man who came to recognize, and once recognized to champion, the notion of sustainability in business.

Maybe because I didn’t know Mr. Anderson personally, when I saw his videos, his interviews, I was reminded of someone.  I hope that it is not offensive to
his family to say that he put me in mind of Atticus Finch, who had for me exemplified the Dalai Lama’s statement about “compassion:”

There is a common perception that compassion is, if not actually an impediment, at least irrelevant to professional life.  Personally, I would argue that not only is it relevant, but that when compassion is lacking, our activities are in danger of becoming destructive. This is because when we ignore the question of the impact our actions have on others’ well-being, inevitably we end up hurting them.                                                                             – Dalai Lama

Ray Anderson.  A fine man.  You started something.  Thank you.

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