Dancin’ wich ya dog on – Confessions of a New Year’s Day Junkie

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Every day is a day of creation, but I confess that I still find something compelling about New Year’s Day and the days preceding it.  I’ll also confess that in looking at what I want 2011 to be about, I have not completed a 2010 audit.  Although a full audit might be useful, I think that I want to focus my backward look through  my the lens of my goals.   And so far, my 2011 goals are less about tangibles, like going on vacation, and more on intangibles, like, well, let me give some examples.

My first goal:  that everyone in my life knows that I am thankful that they are.  2010 saw me feeling that more acutely, though not expressing it so much.

My second goal:  that I honor other people’s goals (including the lack thereof) and don’t squash theirs with mine.

My third goal:  that I pay attention more.  In the past, I have joked about not being as observant as others.  That little ditty is now over.

My fourth goal:  that people become present to the peace and love within and without, on an ongoing basis.

My fifth goal:  that I play more and encourage play.

My sixth goal:  that respect for the dignity of animals  reaches a critical mass.  You knew I wasn’t going to leave that out.

And that’s where I’ll stop in this post, except to say that I intend this year to be one where I dance with all six of those all of the time, in whatever I am doing.

I also wish for you a great year, a conscious, thankful, playful, peaceful, loving, dance-filled  year.  With animals.  Namaste.

6 responses to “Dancin’ wich ya dog on – Confessions of a New Year’s Day Junkie

  1. i love this post, mo! we share many of the same goals in life, and i am glad that we can share them together! i am thankful that you are in my life and have brought neil in as well! 2011 is going to be a wonderful year!
    ps-i you ever want to hoop together, let’s do it! Wheeee!

  2. Je t’adore! And I am so very grateful for having found you. I am thinking that one of my tangibles for 2011 is hooping – so let’s get after it, girlie!

  3. best wishes for the new year! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. You’re very welcome! Small world – the “mo” in my name is from my middle name, which coincidentally is Morgan. Happy New Year to you.

  5. Just wanted you to know that I’m really happy about your
    role in my life now and I am really thankful for your enthusiasm
    for cleaning the Cumberland River. Thanks Mo! really looking
    forward to you coming back to Harlan someday!

    • Back atcha!! You are a treasure to Harlan and to me. You provided an opportunity for me to take part in a life-altering moment. More Cumberland River cleanups are definitely in my future, thanks to you.

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