I am not a hermit

Today I met a couple of people at Costco, and was reminded of one of my latest life lessons:  meeting new people is fun.  Now, for those who haven’t known me forever, and even some who have, you may not know that I have had for many years a schtick about my being a hermit.  When friends asked me to dinner, I’d say something like, “No, you know me.  I’m a hermit.  Once I get home from work, I never venture out.”  Or if they suggested a movie, or a contra dance, or a visit to the museum, or a concert.  Out would come my hermit refrain, coupled with what I considered a polite no.

But in the last year or so, corresponding pretty much with the time that I’ve been on Facebook, I have discovered that the hermit schtick is pretty much used up.  I have found that knowing in my heart of hearts that I love my friends and family isn’t enough anymore; that loving but missing them no longer cuts the mustard.    And it always has been.  I live far from them, and it has been enough to see or talk to them a couple of times a year, at best.  And then there are others whom I also truly love, that I haven’t seen since my teens.  But again, I knew that they had a special place in a hermit’s heart.  And it was, or had to be, enough.

So it came as a surprise to me today as I headed out for church and a little shopping that I’d rather be with my friends and family and that being a solitary may not be my preferred status, as I have long pronounced to the world and to myself.  Geez.  Imagine that.  Me not a solitary.

So, please allow me to introduce myself to you anew.  My name is Mo Brock, and I am not a hermit.  Let’s go do something!

8 responses to “I am not a hermit

  1. Will see the no longer hermit Saturday April 3rd in Knoxville!
    Much love,

  2. Ohmigosh!!! For real?!?!?!?! Now, I’m sitting here laughing and crying for joy. I can’t wait!

  3. Mo – I too have experienced some hermit times over the years and know that it takes real effort to get out there and keep getting out there. You are an inspiration to all hermit everywhere!!! Love ya Girl!!

  4. Myra – You are definitely on my list of must sees!!!

  5. well, i, personally, am so lucky that you are NOT a hermit!!! i love having you here to play with! and even though we have no “real” past history, i’m enjoying starting a new one!
    sugar britches

  6. Hey, britches. You are a HUGE part of the end of my recluse days. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  7. Diana Riley Smith

    I didn’t know you had been a hermit. I am a hermit of sorts. Unlike you, I live close to some of my family and see the others quiet often. However, I do not socialize outside of family. I have lived in Corbin 15 yrs. and know very few people here.


  8. Riley – I was totally a hermit. Thinking that people, except for close friends, just wore me the hell out, and that I needed quiet time. You were in the inner circle, and I loved being with you back in those days in Lex.

    I think I’m just not as afraid of being a fool anymore. I’ve quit trying not to be, and realize that I love more than I fear.

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