Alec Baldwin nails it

Free Range in Norway

Free Range in Norway

Alec Baldwin summed it up beautifully.  If you have only limited time, read his post and skip mine.

How to compare the abuses of animals at the hands of dog fighters or disgusting dog breeders versus those at the hands of our food suppliers is a delicate issue, I’ll grant you.   But I guess I just don’t get the willful blindness that is incumbent upon an animal lover that he or she can vilify the one and justify the other.

We each make our own choices, and I’ve decided not to eat animals.  I understand that that choice isn’t doable for everyone.  But it doesn’t seem much of a stretch for anyone to be able to acknowledge that factory farming contains a multitude of examples of mistreatment of animals.  No.  Not good enough.  Factory farming institutionalizes animal abuse.  But because our food animals are lower on the totem pole than our companion animals . . .  I don’t even know where to go with the rest of that sentence, because I’m not buying that one.

A Blue Wyandotte Bantam

A Blue Wyandotte Bantam

I’m not advocating bringing your chicken to bed (although I understand that some do).  But I am suggesting that puppy mills being somehow worse than factory farms requires a devaluing of the life of the food animal.   And I’m just not sure how one does that, without some basic assumption that is not founded in logic.

Take a look at some of the videos that show the abuses of animals on factory farms and at slaughterhouses, and tell me that dog fighting or puppy mills are worse than that.

What can you do?

  • Go veg.  A vegetarian saves 100 animals each year.
  • Eat only free range meat, dairy, poultry and eggs.
  • Buy meat, poultry and dairy locally where you can personally verify the living conditions.  I buy eggs from a friend who raises chickens, when family comes to town.
  • Write your State and U.S. representation and insist on stronger animal protection laws and – oh, horrors – effective regulation of the animal as food industry.
  • Go animal-as-food-less one day per week.
  • Choose a restaurant that uses only non-factory farm food animals and does not serve foie gras and let them know that’s why you’re there.
  • Learn more.  Farm Sanctuary and are good places to start.

Good luck!

7 responses to “Alec Baldwin nails it

  1. great post, mo. altho i still eat meat on occasion, i do only buy cage free or free range.
    i will say, tho, that i still despise MV and have a hard time giving him a 2nd chance.

  2. mo,
    check out this blog
    i met her at a blogging class. very cool. you may want to promote her—but don’t forget about your old friend jules in the process!!

  3. Kudo’s to both of you. I still eat meat, and I still drive a car, and I still run my AC, but I’m doing less and less of each as I wean myself from this insane lifestyle that I am so addicted to. In fact right now, I’m riding my bike to the grocery and eating vegetarian tonite. Thanks for the nudge.

  4. Hey Mo,
    Happy Birthday by the way. Yeah, I still eat meat, and I still use my AC, and I still drive a car. I will say thatI do less and less of all of those things as I try and wean myself from this insane lifestyle that I am addicted to. After reading your blog, I rode my bike to the grocery and some errands and bought a veggie dinner for the evening. Baby steps but they feel good. Kudos to both of you and thanks for the nudge, one day at a time.

  5. Thanks for the feedback, guys. I don’t begrudge my friends, or non-friends, their choices. Truly I don’t. Not that you could tell it from my post. And I totally hear what you’re saying about MV. But I’m over the double standard, for myself. And frustrated that more isn’t being done to improve the lot of factory farm animals.

    Hugs to you, and I’ll check out the blogger – and never forget you. Either of you!

  6. Its actually interesting I was just reading a near death experience on which talks about eating less animals and how it is percieved on a supernatural/spiritual level. Its Justin U’s experience #2366 take a look, very interesting

  7. I’ve never read’s info, but a friend at work has. I keep meaning to check it out, and I’ll tak this as a sign that I should do that. Thanks!

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