Pete Seeger at 90 still giving it all

Pete Seeger giving it

Pete Seeger giving it

I read this story on npr, and amid a big smile, am left with the thought, life is good.

For my Harlan peeps, don’t you just remember that folk music was a core of our music education when we were younger.   Marilyn Maxwell and the Kooky Ukes; and who doesn’t remember George Ella and Joan with their guitars singing for us in front of the Harlan County Courthouse?  Happy, happy memories.  Pete reminds me how much I love that music, and how we all used to sing together.

There’s a link on the linked page where you can listen to Pete Seeger closing the Newport Folk Festival this past weekend.  Enjoy whatever it reminds you of.

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  1. I opened up for Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie at the Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga several years ago. What a great show they did in spite of me being the opening act.

  2. You did?!!! That is so cool. When are you playing next?

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