Hoooeeeeeee!!!!! And here’s what I’m for

How many of us were feeling elation, glee, jubilation and a big HOOOOEEEEE before, during and after Inauguration Day?  Elation may be a difficult emotion to sustain, but I say that we need all of the elation, all of the positive movement, that we can stand to keep us moving forward to a new day.

I may garble this badly, but I remember reading, or maybe seeing on The Secret, where Mother Theresa said that she would not attend a Stop Hunger rally, but that if they held a Provide Food one, she’d be on the front row.  Many of our movements, and certainly the ones that I affiliate with, are to stop some practice that we oppose.  Mountaintop removal mining, for instance.  Or animal cruelty.  Or captive “hunting.”   Or factory farming. Or over-medication.  Or kids having high cholesterol because we don’t know how to feed them and they aren’t going outside anymore!!!  Ooops.  Well, I definitely oppose those!  But how do I ride this glee wave to a new “for” mentality, when I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to end the “against” one.

But here are some things that I am for that underpin all the things that I am against, and maybe if I focus on these, I’ll find a clue:


From http://runningnessa.blogspot.com/2008/03/family-farms.html

1.  I am for honoring the dignity of all life.

2. I am for equivalence of worth.

3. I am for apologizing for mistakes and for forgiving them.

4. I am for making whole what has been rendered asunder.

5. I am for practices that sustain life in its full health.

6. I am for awareness of the wonder and awe of life.img_00371

7. I am for our doctors adding nutrition to their tool bag and for their teaching us how to be well.

8. I am for giggling in church and at funerals.

9. I am for loving life with the heart of a five-year-old.

10. I am for getting outside and playing.

For starters.

So, I’ll be thinking more about this “for” stuff.   And hoping that you’ll join me in being for honoring and respecting life.  Hoooooeeeee!

2 responses to “Hoooeeeeeee!!!!! And here’s what I’m for

  1. Hey, Mo,
    I’m all FOR that! (or is it FOR that all??)
    So enjoyed our reunion this am, and am looking FORward to working with you FOR awareness of MTR!

  2. I love what you’ve said here and spent a bit of time on your blog the other day. I don’t think I commented then, but I wanted to say…I’ll be back.

    You’ve given me a good bit to think about. Thanks for that and for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment.

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