I’d like you to meet me

Holy crap.

I wonder how many blogs started with that interjection.  Probably a cazillion.  Which just goes to prove that I actually AM normal.   Although you may come to doubt that if you read on.

So.  This is my first blog, and my advice to you is to start lowering your expectations right off the bat.  I hope to make this a half-decent experience for us both, but that probably just means decent for me, crappy for you.  I’ll try to do better.

Just so you know what I will likely be rambling on about, here are some things I am interested in:

  • Restoration of the mountains (that would be the Southern Appalachian mountains) to the people, critters and plants who lived there before logging and mining
  • Mountain flora and fauna
  • Celebration and investigation of things mountain – local farming, gardening, bee-keeping, chicken-raising etc; farming in narrow hollers with mule-drawn plows; basket weaving; music; historical dialects; early mountain history, including reclaiming the history of the early settler-Cherokee connection
  • Clean water in the mountains again (for the first time in 80+ years?)
  • Hiking the mountains
  • Meeting all my cousins out of Jesse Brock
  • Recording the oral histories of the natives (that would be we original mountain folk)
  • Nutrition and the pitfalls of an average American diet (and why your mountain ancestors lived to be old, even though they ate butter and fatback)
  • Dignity for farm animals and exposing the cruel and environmentally harmful practices of factory farming
  • Life off the grid
  • More clotheslines

I must confess that I am limited in the fun department.  I do tend to be serious and significant.  But maybe you can find fun in laughing at me.  It’s totally allowed.  Just be aware that it’s not a very exclusive club you’ll be joining.

So, my friends and guinea pigs, I am calling it a day because my heart is up in my throat, and I am finding it difficult to put two words together that seem to fit.  This writing stuff is a bit daunting to me.

I’ll just say, Happy New Year (Normal!  Told you!) and may all your dreams come true.

3 responses to “I’d like you to meet me

  1. good job, m! we share a lot of interests, esp coming from the tiny town of harlan, ky., to making our home in the ATL.
    make sure to tag your entries w/ all applicable topics, link up w/ other loggers (me…) and sign emails w/ your web address. i’ll add you to mine now. let’s get together and go hike or chat!

    • I wish I had a freaking clue what you meant. Tag. Link. Shice! But thanks for the compliment and the offer of help. I’ll get to work trying to figure it out, and YES, I would love to get together some time soon!

  2. You are funny! I love the Appalachian mountains too..well anything NC will do for me.

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