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Buh-bye AT&T – I don’t pay dolphin exploiters

Bernie Marcus, founder of Home Depot, has exported his “icon in the big boxes” to the aquarium concept and is hoping that “this sets the stage for future aquariums.”  The concept that killed small town America and mom and pop hardware stores has now targetted dolphins through a $110,000,000 dolphin facility.  The killing analogy is not off the mark, since dolphins and whales in captivity are known to have significantly shortened life spans relative to their natural, “loose and wild” counterparts.

I will not be attending.  I encourage you not to attend.  I encourage that you read and watch videos about dolphins and other cetaceans in captivity (here is a new interview with a trainer at Sea World, who will soon testify about the conditions for both the orcas and the trainers at that facility).   Learn what highly intelligent and complex creatures they are.  Read about the life-saving exploits of dolphins toward humans.  And think.  Think  about the education that your children get

The dolphin "smile" is misleading.  Use you own brain and ask yourself, "Do you really think they are happy in captivity?"

The dolphin “smile” is misleading. Ask yourself, “Do you really think they are happy in captivity?”

about dolphins at Sea World or at the Georgia Aquarium.  That dolphins can jump really high, and do flips, let trainers ride them in the water, toss balls in the air, and they are really happy-looking?  All of that disgusts me.  That we would compromise the life of a creature to pay admission, be amused and call it education.  But I am  encouraged.  A bit bemused that Georgia would add an aquarium when they are on their way out.  But on their way out they are.  And that is a good thing.  A very good thing.

So in the meantime, AT&T will lose me as a customer.  Join me.  Do this for the dolphins.

Here is a list of the sponsors of the Aquarium or the dolphin show:

  • AT&T                          Air Train                      Coca-cola
  • Georgia Pacific         The Home Depot        The Southern Co.
  • Sun Trust                   Turner Broadcasting  Accenture
  • UPS                             Publix                            Clear Channel
  • Unisys                         11Alive.com                  Acuity Brands
  • Microsoft

How many of these can you take out of your shopping cart?