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Because dolphins are not fungible, we will Follow The Six

We shall follow The Six, wherever they go, under whatever name or number the system gives them.  OR we shall identify that the system does not give them unique names and numbers, but instead, treats them as fungible as the dollars that paid for them.

One of The Six, packaged for transport, having been purchased by ASPRO International, one of the world's largest operators of "leisure parks." Photo credit: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

One of The Six, packaged for transport, having been purchased by ASPRO International, one of the world’s largest operators of “leisure parks,” with purchasers, sellers and trainers making it happen. Photo credit: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

As written by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, ASPRO International, whose foundation’s motto involves “living creatures coexisting in harmony,” has acquired The Six – six bottlenose dolphins snatched by the Taiji Fisherman’s Union from their families in the seas of coastal Japan – and intends to ship them to a destination in Europe.  Since ASPRO owns 41 “leisure parks” in eight countries, following The Six may require some diligence.  Sea Shepherd has urged that individuals begin immediately contacting ASPRO.  A petition being circulated will include the ability to quantify the numbers of people who are reaching out to ASPRO to say, show that you mean what you say about “coexisting in harmony” and stop buying dolphins from the Taiji Drive Hunt.

Unnamed dolphn at ASPRO International

Unnamed dolphin at one of ASPRO International’s leisure parks. Photo credit: ASPRO website

While not specifically embodied in either the Sea Shepherd piece or the petition, the right thing to do, ASPRO, is to return The Six to the waters of Taiji and release them together while they can find their families and their lives.

Barring a release, we will follow them wherever you send them, ASPRO.  Wherever you send them among your 41 leisure parks in 8 countries to be part of your “gateway to [a] world of fun, leisure and entertainment” or outside your leisure park system, for the rest of their lives.

The Six, like all dolphins everywhere, are not fungible.  They are unique individuals, with unique histories, and names, whether you or I or we know them or not.  Do the right thing, live by your motto, and ensure that The Six are returned to their families.

Until that day, we will Follow The Six.