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Yerkes demonstrates research without morality

Dr. Frans de Waal, Yerkes National Primate Research Center and Emory University demonstrate research without morality.

The audience demonstrates humanity without morality.

Watch the audience laugh throughout, apparently not understanding that these animals live their lives in captivity just so Dr. de Waal and his colleagues can put together a study where they exercise control over animals, withholding and rewarding with food, for no real benefit.

We did not learn anything from these animals in captivity that we didn’t already know.  Even scientists acknowledge that research on chimpanzees is not necessary.

Dr. de Waal learned how to tell a joke at the expense of animals.

Shame on you.

I don’t believe that I saw Dr. de Waal yawn.

Ringling Beats Animals

That was a video from nearly a year ago, and on the work to protect elephants goes despite a bullhook ban being made law in Fulton County, Georgia.

On February 15 through 20, 2012, come show Ringling and its team of lawyers that the bullhook ban in Fulton County, Georgia isn’t a mere annoyance; it’s the law.