Money, food and spirit – all grounded in sustainability

This weekend at Occupy Atlanta, I learned about a whole new world of stuff that I know nothing about.  That’s the good news, I think.  This mountain of stuff moved from the “I didn’t know that I didn’t know that” into the “I know that I don’t know that” column.  Firmly, strongly, solidly in the “I know that I don’t know that” column.

The stuff:

  • The Fed – oh my gosh.  You should have heard me yesterday tell my neighbor and friend, Chris Busing (who is now running for Council, City of Clarkston, Georgia), that my brain wasn’t big enough to consider this one and that those who do understand it should just handle it.  Today, after a few hours of sleep, I realize that I actually do need to develop at least a half-working knowledge about The Fed and how we can fix it.  You may have noticed that my “The Fed” link was to Wikipedia, but I don’t know enough to recommend another starting point.  To get The Fed’s story about itself, here’s a link to the people, The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, who do The Fed.  When in Their presence, does one genuflect, or merely curtsey?  Geez.  More to learn.

  • How to start building a system that I want by moving my money from Wall Street banks to a credit union or local bank, say, on November 5.
  •  How to really and truly grow my own food and thrive in a community of food growers.  I also realized that I haven’t used any of the compost I’ve been making for the last few years.  All those vegetables that I’ve wasted over the years that have ended up on a pile in the yard – mostly intended for the critters to treat it like Mo’s Midnight Snack Counter, which hasn’t turned out to be quite the hotspot I intended – should be really rich compost by now.  I betcha I’ve got some great worms.

But in the meantime, and throughout all this learning and doing, I am remembering that I need to keep a smile in my mind’s eye.  Here is a link to a technique called The Inner Smile, which allows one to generate a healing energy for the body and mind.  If you do it as described in the link last thing before going to sleep, take a look the next morning at how you feel upon awakening.  And then share.

And I’ll close with the word “sustainability”.  Whatever we do, whatever we design in The Grand Undertaking that Occupy is, it must be, first, last and always, sustainable.  The question that should be asked, before deciding on any outcome, is whether a practice, if carried to its extreme, would be sustainable.  If there are any, “yea, buts,” you have an unsustainable practice.  Don’t do it.  Don’t go there.  When I think of “unsustainability”, almost all of the problems that we have, that I know that I don’t know about, have that in common.  Monsanto’s making seeds that do not allow the plant to reproduce itself and that can infect other plants, rendering them incapable of reproduction, comes to mind.

Oh, wait, I’m smiling.

Let’s do this thing.  Together.  Smiling.

2 responses to “Money, food and spirit – all grounded in sustainability

  1. you know, i am admittedly ignorant about the whole occupy thing, as well.
    the compost thing? i’m right there with ya. now we have coyotes in our back yard!

  2. It’s pretty cool. I was going to go down this afternoon; march starts at 5p. But I’m not sure that I have the energy, said Too Pooped to 3pups.

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