Life in harm’s way

Dolphins are in danger in Japan. Today the danger is caused by a combination of humans’ having captured them and put them in pens and a typhoon that is beating those dolphins against the pen and potentially tangling them in the netting and drowing them. In the oceans the dolphins have for millions of years protected themselves in the face of weather. But when humans remove from them not only their freedom, but any of their means of self-preservation, there is nothing that they can do to protect themselves.

The only hope for these dolphins is that the Japanese release them so that they can protect themselves as they know how.

Save Misty the Dolphin has compiled a list of Japanese officials whom you may contact to request that these dolphins be released during the typhoon. Time is critical.  This must happen now.

Please make the calls. Please make several calls. Please share with your friends and have call parties. See who can reach the most. Share stories. Write blogs.

Whatever you can do, please do.

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